About us

About Us

We are a robotics team that wants to inspire young people, to help them discover their passions within it. We are participating in the largest robotics competition at the international level, FIRST TECH CHALLENGE. Young people are the future, and now we can begin to revolutionize the field of robotics and meet new opportunities that will help us in our future career.

For me, this team is like a second family! I have been apart of it since day one, first meeting, when nobody had any idea where to start from, but together, we shaped a beautiful succesfull team.

Starting from the basement of a highschool, a bunch of teenagers and one mentor, driven by passion for robotics, did everything they could to become the robotics team they used to dream of. They only had hopes and a few tools, but that didn’t stop them to work harder and harder for their dreams!

A few things about us!

  • We are "Gheorghe Sincai" National College's robotics team.

  • Thist is our 3rd year of participation at BRD FIRST TECH CHALLENGE.

  • We are a non-conformist team, eager for new teammates.

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